Validate API

Welcome to the documentation area for the Validate API. The Apply Financial user interfaces have been built on top of the APIs. This means that you can do anything that the user interface can do and more with the Validate API using our RESTful web services.

Getting Started   

To get started here are some simple step by step guides that run you through the API

API Quick Guide

API Flow

API response and what to expect

Exploring the API

These are more detailed descriptions of the API calls and lets you get into the real details on it.

How to authenticate a user and create a token

Creating a Security Token

Receiver Validation

Receiver Bank Validation

ISO and FATF Checks for Name and Address

Sender & Receiver Validation

Sender and Receiver Bank Account Validation

Sender and Receiver ISO and FATF Checks for Name and Address

Sender and Receiver Bank Validation and Name and Address Checks

Search By Bank Name

Search for Bank by Name

Validate the Account Number after a Name Search

Additional Information from the API

Correspondent Details

Non-Working Day Checks

Payment Message Field Checks

Payment Purpose Code Checks

Local Language Data

Country and Currency Codes

Additional Resources

More resources that are useful when implementing our API and solutions

The status of our service and upcoming releases

IP Range Used by our Applications

Our security