Searching for a Bank by Name

This call allows you to search for a bank branch by it’s name.  The response will help you find the will retrieve the branch details including the domestic bank codes.

The user will need to enter the bank name and country code and can optionally enter city and will retrieve a list of banks that match these details.  The search performed is a begins search so the search will looks for the exact string that you have entered at the beginning of every record.

As the service uses a begins with search and it is advised that you complete as little information in each field as is possible to ensure that you find the entity that you want.

The search fields are

  1. Country Code
  2. Bank Name
  3. Address
  4. City
  5. Postal/Zip Code
  6. Page

The results will be returned paginated with 10 results per page and requesting page 2 will give you results 11-20 etc.

The response will give you the branch details including:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Domestic and International Codes
  4. SEPA Status
  5. Indicators of additional information that is available


GET command, in “application/json” format

URL Endpoint

Sample Request


The request parameters can be seen below in the request details table and here is the extract from the service WADL

Field Name Short description Description Type Format
countryCode Country Code ISO 2 digit Country Code xs:string Alpha
bankName Bank Name Banks name to search for xs:string Characters
address Address Bank address xs:string Characters
city City City the bank is in xs:string Characters
postZipCode Post or Zip Code Zip or Postal code of the bank xs:string Characters
dataStore Data Storage Unused xs:string null
ref Reference Your reference xs:string Alpha numeric
group Group Unused xs:string null
bic8 BIC 8 Do you want to return a BIC 8 or a BIC 11.  If you wish to return a BIC 8 for head offices then enter Y in this field xs:string Y
page Page Number What page number do you wish to return xs:string numeric
pageSize Page Size How many records per page xs:string numeric
token Security Token You time limited security token xs:string Alpha numeric
errorComment Error Type Do you wish to receive the extended error text which you can modify in Validate Self Service then enter Y here xs:string E
beginsWith Begins With or Contains Search Do you wish the search to be a beings with search or do you just wish the text to be somewhere within the record?  If you want a begins with search then enter Y xs:string Y


The request parameters can be found here response components table below

Field Name Short description Sample
countryCode Country Code  “GB”,
nationalId Bank code entered in the search  null,
accountNumber Account number entered in the search  null,
recommendedNatId Our recoomended national id  null,
recommendedAcct Our recommended account number  “”,
recommendedBIC Our recommended BIC  null,
status Status of the response PASS, CAUTION or FAIL  “PASS”,
comment Description of the status  “”,
ref Reference  “20180703104600906”,
group Group  “”,
bankName Bank Name  “BARCLAYS BANK PLC”,
branch Branch Name  “(ALL U.K. OFFICES)”,
street Address  “1 CHURCHILL PLACE”,
city City  “LONDON”,
postZip Post or Zip Code  “E14 5HP”,
region State or County  “”,
country Country name  “UNITED KINGDOM”,
codeName1 Label for the SWIFT BIC field  “BIC”,
codeValue1 SWIFT BIC for the branch  “BARCGB22XXX”,
codeName2 Label for the CHIPS field  “CHIPS”,
codeValue2 CHIPS code for the branch  “007668”,
codeName3 Label for the SWIFT BIC 4 field  “BIC-4”,
codeValue3 4 digit SWIFT BIC for the branch  “BARC”,
codeName4 Name of the domestic Clearing Code  “Sort Code”,
codeValue4 Doemstic Clearing Code  “203253”
sepaDetails  {
ctStatus Is the bank SEPA credit transfer compliant  “YES”,
ddStatus Is the bank SEPA direct debit compliant  “YES”,
bbStatus Is the bank SEPA B2B direct debit compliant  “YES”
ictStatus Is the bank SEPA instant Credit compliant  “YES”
additionalData  {
ssiAvailable Do we have correspondent details available  “Y”,
payServiceAvailable Do we have domestic clearing information available  “Y”,
contactsAvailable Do we have contact details available  “Y”,
messageAvailable Do we have payment message details available  “N”,
holidayAvailable Do we have holiday details available  “Y”
bankToken This can be used in conjuntion with the free token to retrieve additional details on this branch.  “WmGipT5oTsdheYxxiskPe6xdokHLt5LisPRdeZcF1k64AtJqwYZWSnAuw4920a”
freeToken This can be used in conjuntion with the bank token to retrieve additional details.  “BUmkHoQHipN4iiotbfipnipyq0L1MD7dipcsCgdrp23isL51bWjeOO11S1K92023l”


Try testing using POSTMAN which is available as a Google Chrome App and can be found here POSTMAN REST Client we have saved a project which you can download and use as aPOSTMAN Call.  Just enter a valid authentication token and you’re working.  The test data entered into this sample is

Country Code: GB
Bank Name: Lloyds
City: Hemel