Validating an account number after a name search

To validate an account number once you’ve completed a bank name search you will need to take the freeToken from the repose and bankToken from the branch that your client identified and use these with the clients account number to validate the full bank details.

Free Token: enter the free token from the name search response

Bank Token: enter the bank token from the name search response

Account Number: 01638696

What do the optional fields do in the request

These fields are the core fields that you will use.  For the request listed above you only need complete the countryCode and nationalId fields.  We have a number of optional fields which you can use to tailor the output and are listed below.



countryCode ISO Country Code Alpha Mandatory
nationalId Domestic bank ID Alphanumeric Optional
accountNumber Domestic Account Number,


Alphanumeric Optional
token Security token Alphanumeric & Extended Characters Optional

The response for this request can be modified with a number of flags which allow us to give you a response which meets your business requirements.



errorComment E or S, if the field is set to E then you will be able to

edit the error text in the self service hub

E or S Optional N
dataStore Yes/No flag if you wish the data to be stored for periodic scanning using the Y or N Optional N
ref Free text unique reference for you to use.  If this is not completed by you we will respond with a unique reference Alphanumeric & Extended Characters Optional
noBranch Yes/No flag if you do not wish to return the branch details. Y or N Optional Y
bic8 Yes/No flag if you wish any head office with xxx to be returned as a BIC8 or BIC11. Yes if you wish to have a BIC8 (without head office XXX) No or leave blank if you want all BICs returned as BIC11 Y or N Optional N
isoAddr This restricts the field size to the ISO defined 80 characters Y or N Optional N
payBranchType This allows you to choose the branch type from either


R Routing

P Payment

B Branch

H Head Office

I,B,H,R Optional P
group The group name that this data should be saved in.  Currently not used. Alphanumeric & Extended Characters Optional
page This requests the page number you are after, the default for this is 1 Numeric Optional 1
pageSize This defines the number of branches on a page, the default is 10 Numeric Optional 10

Making the account number mandatory

If you need the account number to be mandatory then please got to the self service hub using the link below.

Then go to the error module in the bottom left and change the error below to FAIL

08an Account number not entered

Then save the changes and the service will set the account number as mandatory.