API Flow

The flow of Validate API is designed to allow you to search for a bank either by bank code and account details or by a name search and once the branch has been chosen the  bank details can be entered.

Our core searches are:

If your search returns more than 1 branch in the response, you can select that branch that you are looking for, retrieve the bankToken and the freeToken and use these to get the branch details.  These free tokens (you don’t get charged for using them) are then used in call 1.3 to retrieve all the details for this branch only.

If you then require more details such as

  1. Correspondent Bank
  2. Holiday Data
  3. Payment Purpose Codes
  4. Contact Details
  5. Payment Network Membership

All these details can be retrieved using the additional calls at no additional charge.

The flow below shows you the support data that you can access and validate using the API after the initial validation of the bank details.