Connectivity to payment (channel) networks

This call is designed to return the details of the payment networks or channels that the institution is a member of.  For example in the USA this would be Fedwire and FedACH in the UK BACS, CHAPS, Faster Payments.

The call will retrieve the details against the national code entered.  These are:

  1. National id participating in the payment network (channel)
  2. Direct or Indirect participation
  3. Additional network details.

This call will return all may return multiple channels that the institution is a member of.


GET command, in “application/json” format



The request parameters are below in the table that describes the and here is the extract from the service WADL.

Field Name Short description Long description Type
countryCode Country Code ISO Country Code xs:string
nationalId National Id Bank national xs:string
accountNumber Account Number Bank Account Number or IBAN xs:string
dataStore Data Store Unused xs:string
ref Ref Payment ref xs:string
group Group Unused xs:string
bic8 BIC8 Do you want a BIC 8 xs:string
token Token Security token xs:string
freeToken Free Token Free token which will allow you to xs:string
bankToken Bank Token Token that identifies the branch xs:string
errorComment Error Comment Error details xs:string


The request parameters can be found here, country by country

UK the details are HERE

US the details are HERE

Hong Kong the details are HERE

Euro networks details are HERE


Try testing using POSTMAN which is available as a standalone application that you can download.

Just enter a valid tokens and you’re working.  The test data will be retrieved from a validation call.