Quick Start for Validate API


We have tried to make the integration of our API into your user flow as simple as possible.

The basic flow for the calls is

  1. Create an authentication token using a POST call
  2. Copy the token into a validation call like Receiver Bank Validation to check the bank details you have
  3.  Submitted with the details you wish to validate

If you cannot find anything or are wondering how best to use something then please just ask and we’re happy to help.

The full documentation for the API can be accessed here Validate API Documentation

Validation Call

Our clients typically use the call Validating Bank and Account Number.  The call will check the details you submit and respond with a status of PASS, CAUTION or FAIL and we always respond with a recommendation for the format of bank code and account number that you in order to make the payment.  This call is very flexible and uses the inbuilt intelligence so you can validate the details your customers have rather than be prescriptive about the exact format they require.

For example for the UK you can submit bank details in the following formats:.

Supported format Bank Code Account Number
Bank Code only 309408
Bank Code & Account Number 309408 01638696
BBAN 30940801638696
BBAN LOYD30940801638696
IBAN GB50LOYD30940801638696

This gives you an idea of the breadth of formats we support per country, the API allows you to enter the details that your customer has.  Meaning that you don’t need to be strict with the customer and that your customers can make payments more easily and more accurately.

Getting Started with Receiver Bank Validation

Validate API Example

This is a simple REST API.  To get going all you need is to create a token using a POST call  and then submit the details that your customer has along with the token in a GET call and you’ll be able to validate the data and you’ll have the answer.

This one call copes with domestic and international payment details and will check them in as many ways as possible and return you the details.

Making a token

You’ll need to use a POST call to submit your user details and to get a time limited security token. Your user details will be your email address and password you have been given.  This call allows us to ensure that you are who you say you are and that you have an active account.  Also when it comes to validating data you don’t expose your user credentials to end users.

Example of creating a security token. 

To make a call you will have to create a security token which is time limited.  The details of how to create a token are here creating a security token.

These 2 parameters for the authenticate call that you need are your username and password.  These are your email address and the password for the account.

The call is a POST call


Here is a quick guide to it


Validating the data

Now that you have the token submit that with the details that your customer gave you  and submit them along with the country code and you’ll get your answer.  Our solution will understand the details that you’ve submitted and tell you if its correct or not and why.

Example of how to validate the data

The request to validate an IBAN would  look like the request below, you would have to create a token and insert it into the request with the bank details you wish to Validate


The national id field can be an ABA code, or any domestic id and the account number would be a domestic account number or as in the example above an IBAN.

The details of this call are here Validating Bank and Account Number.

Endpoint to make the GET request to validate data


To use the error text from within VSS without mapping it then do include the flag errorComment=E and this will retrieve the extended error text which is the error text that you configure in our self service hub.

If you want to use the Validate web application to confirm the results that you are getting then you can use our browser using the link below https://apps.applyfinancial.co.uk/validate/apply/login.  You can log into the application using the user account you were given when you registered.

Any questions then please just ask, just email us at support@applyfinancial.co.uk.