Security Token


The Apply Financial REST services require users to be authenticated before validating bank details and retrieving data from the system.  We do this by authenticating the user details and returning a token that can be used with the calls.  The tokens are time limited and we recommend that you generate a new token with each call.

The authentication service will confirm that you have an active user account and will create a token for you.  This token should then be included in the call you make to validate the data or to retrieve other data from the Validate suite of calls.  The token is a security measure to ensure that when you pass the request call to us your user details are not directly visible. This make it easy for you to hide your account details when making a customer call and give you additional security on top of the service encryption and ensures you are not passing your users details directly in the GET request.

The token is used to authenticate the user account and your company, check your subscription and to ensure that the request is registered against your user account.  In addition the token is time limited, and once expired a new token will have to be created, therefore it is recommended that you create a new token for each validation you perform.

Authenticate user and create token


This is a POST call which will validate your user credentials to ensure they are active and will respond with a security token for you to use.  We recommend that each call you make you use a new call however tokens are valid for 10 minutes, once 10 minutes has passed you will have to create a new token whether or not you have performed any validations.



POST in “application/x-www-form-urlencoded” format


The entry parameters are username and password and the fields are case sensitive.  These are the username which was created for you by your service administrator and the password you created when you activated the user account.


Field name Description Format Mandatory Case Sensitive
username The username issued by Apply Financial Alphanumeric & Extended Characters Mandatory Y
password The password set up for the username Alphanumeric & Extended Characters Mandatory Y


Field name Description Format Mandatory Case Sensitive
token Unique, time limited security token Alphanumeric Mandatory
status Status of the call (e.g. pass or fail) Alpha Mandatory
comment Error description Alphanumeric & Extended Characters Optional