Validating all the Creditors/Beneficiary Details

This call will enable you to valdiate the bank details and will be the call that is our enhanced replacement for the call 1.01.  If you want simpler valdiation then bank code aldiation can be compelted using the call link below.

Simple validation

If you’re just validating a bank code or a BIC with an account number then just complete the country code, bank code, bank code field in the call. You can also validate

  1. Individuals name
  2. Address details
  3. Charge type
  4. Transaction date

Sample request House&cdtrAddr2=Hilly Road&cdtrRegion=Essex&cdtrCompanyName&accountType=I&cdtrCity=White Shoes&cdtrZip=CM1 7QB&cdtrNatId=309408&cdtrAcct=1638696&cdtrCtryCde=GB&chrg=SHA&trnsDt=2019/09/19&currencyCode=USD&pmtInfId=Test payment ref

What do the optional fields do in the request

These fields are the core fields that you will use.  For the request listed above you only need complete the countryCode and nationalId fields.  We have a number of optional fields which you can use to tailor the output and are listed below.

Field NameDescriptionMandatory or OptionalAdditional details
cdtrSalNameThe persons salutation for example Mr, Mrs, Ms, Dr, etcOptional
cdtrFirstNameThe creditors full first nameOptional
cdtrMiddleNameThe creditors full middle nameOptional
cdtrLastNameThe creditors last name, surname or family nameOptional
cdtrAddr1The creditors address line 1Optional
cdtrAddr2The creditors address line 2Optional
cdtrCityThe creditors cityOptional
cdtrRegionThe creditors region, county or stateOptional
cdtrZipThe creditors zip code or postal codeOptional
cdtrCompanyNameThe creditors company nameOptional
accountTypeAccount type, individual or corporateOptional
cdtrNatIdThe creditors domestic bank code, or BICMandatory
cdtrAcctThe creditors account number or IBANMandatory
cdtrCtryCdeThe creditors account ISO 2 digit country code, these can be downloaded inOptionalThese can be downloaded from here
chrgThe charge type used in the paymentOptional
trnsDtThe transaction date in the format YYYY/MM/DDOptional
currencyCodeThe payment ISO 3 digit currency codeOptionalThese can be downloaded from here
pmtInfIdThe payment referenceOptional
amtThe payment amountOptional
tokenSecurity tokenMandatory

The response for this request can be modified with a number of flags which allow us to give you a response which meets your business requirements.



errorCommentE or S, if the field is set to E then you will be able to

edit the error text in the self service hub

E or SOptionalN
refFree text unique reference for you to use.  If this is not completed by you we will respond with a unique referenceAlphanumeric & Extended CharactersOptional
noBranchYes/No flag if you do not wish to return the branch details.Y or NOptionalY
bic8Yes/No flag if you wish any head office with xxx to be returned as a BIC8 or BIC11. Yes if you wish to have a BIC8 (without head office XXX) No or leave blank if you want all BICs returned as BIC11Y or NOptionalN
isoAddrThis restricts the field size to the ISO defined 80 charactersY or NOptionalN
payBranchTypeThis allows you to choose the branch type from either


R Routing

P Payment

B Branch

H Head Office

groupThe group name that this data should be saved in.  Currently not used.Alphanumeric & Extended CharactersOptional
pageThis requests the page number you are after, the default for this is 1NumericOptional1
pageSizeThis defines the number of branches on a page, the default is 10NumericOptional10

Making the account number mandatory

If you need the account number to be mandatory then please got to the self service hub using the link below.

Then go to the error module in the bottom left and change the error below to FAIL

08an Account number not entered

Then save the changes and the service will set the account number as mandatory.

Example Output

The recommended fields Tell you what we believe you should be using

Field NameDescriptionSample Data
cdtrSalNameThe persons salutation for example Mr, Mrs, Ms, Dr, etc “Mr”,
cdtrFirstNameThe creditors full first name “Joe”,
cdtrMiddleNameThe creditors full middle name “”,
cdtrLastNameThe creditors last name, surname or family name “Sample”,
cdtrAddr1The creditors address line 1 “Small House”,
cdtrAddr2The creditors address line 2 “Hilly Road”,
cdtrCityThe creditors city “White Shoes”,
cdtrRegionThe creditors region, county or state “Essex”,
cdtrZipThe creditors zip code or postal code “CM1 7QB”,
cdtrCompanyNameThe creditors company name “”,
accountTypeAccount type, individual or corporate “I”,
statusAcctTypeIs the account type valid “PASS”,
commentAcctTypeError message null,
status “CAUTION”,
comment “No country service config found (35sy)”,
applyRefApply financial transaction reference “201909071313GBSTRANGE PAYMENT3094081638696USD”,
cdtrNatIdThe creditors domestic bank code, or BIC “309408”,
cdtrAcctThe creditors account number or IBAN “1638696”,
cdtrCtryCdeThe creditors account ISO 2 digit country code, these can be downloaded in “GB”,
sepaCountryIs the country in the SEPA region “Y”,
ibanCountryIs the country an IBAN country “M”,
cdtrBranchDetailsLabel [
bankNameBank name “LLOYDS BANK PLC”,
branchBranch name “(HEMEL HEMPSTEAD MARLOWES -309408)”,
streetBank street address “198-200 MARLOWES”,
cityBank city address “HEMEL HEMPSTEAD”,
postZipBank zip code “HP11BH”,
regionBank region “”,
countryBank country “UNITED KINGDOM”,
codeDetailsLabel {
codeName1Branch BIC field label “BIC”,
codeValue1Branch BIC “LOYDGB21124”,
codeName2CHIPS code field label “CHIPS”,
codeValue2CHIPS code “”,
codeName3Branch BIC4 field label “BIC-4”,
codeValue3Branch BIC4 “LOYD”,
codeName4Domestic bank code name and label “Sort Code”,
codeValue4Domestic bank code “309408”,
codeName5MICR Code or secondary bank code name and label null,
codeValue5MICR Code or secondary bank code null
sepaDetailsLabel {
ctStatusSEPA credit transfer status “Y”,
ddStatusSEPA dd status “Y”,
bbStatusSEPA b2b status “Y”,
ictStatusSEPA Instant credit transfer status “N”
additionalDataLabel {
ssiAvailableDo we have SSIs for this bank “Y”,
payServiceAvailableDo we have domestic clearing information available “Y”,
contactsAvailableDo we have contact information for this bank“Y”
availLangLanguages available“GB”
recommendationLabel {
recommendedDomNatIdDomestic currency recommended national id “309408”,
recommendedDomAcctDomestic currency recommended account number “01638696”,
recommendedDomBICDomestic currency recommended BIC “LOYDGB21124”,
recommendedIntNatIdInternational currency recommended national id “”,
recommendedIntAcctInternational currency recommended account number “GB50LOYD30940801638696”,
recommendedIntBICInternational currency recommended BIC “LOYDGB21124”,
recommendedBICSWIFTConnectedIs the recommended BIC swift connected “N”
recommendedSWIFTConnectedBICRecommended SWIFT connected BIC “LOYDGB2LXXX”,
acccurrencyCurrency of the account“GBP”,
cdtrAcctStatAccount number validation status “PASS”,
cdtrAcctComAccount number error text “The BIC is not connected to the SWIFT network. (05ro)”,
holidaysLabel [
countryCountry Code null,
titleHoliday name “USD – Labor Day”,
dateHoliday date “Sep 02, 2019”
countryCountry Code null,
titleHoliday name “USD – Columbus Day”,
dateHoliday date “Oct 14, 2019”
chrgCharge submitted “SHA”,
recommendedChrgRecommended charge “OUR”,
chrgOptCharge type options “SHA, OUR, BEN, SLEV”,
statusChrgCharge submitted status “CAUTION”,
commentChrgCharge submitted error text “Recommended a different charge type (15mf)”,
sepaStatSEPA Status “N”,
trnsDtTransaction date “2019/09/19”,
statusTrnsDtTransaction date status “PASS”,
commentTrnsDtTransaction date error message “”,
recommendedTrnsDtRecommended transaction date “2019/09/24”,
currencyCodeCurrency Code “USD”,
currencyNameCurrency Code name “US DOLLAR”,
currencyStatCurrency Code status “PASS”,
currencyComCurrency Code error “”,
pmtInfIdPayment reference “Strange payment”,
statusPmtInfIdPayment reference status “PASS”,
commentPmtInfIdPayment reference error message “”,
amtAmount “”,
statusAmtAmount status “PASS”,
commentAmtAmount error message “”,
cdtrCleansedDetailsLabel {
fatfStatusFATF Status “PASS”,
fatfCommentFATF error message “”,
recomNameComplete creditor name “Mr Joe Sample”,
recomAddressComplete creditor address “Small House Hilly Road”,
recomCityComplete creditor city “White Shoes”,
recomStateComplete creditor state, county or region “Essex”,
recomPostZipCodeComplete zip code “CM1 7QB”
paymentRequirementsLabel {
cdtrEmpnumCreditor Employee NumberMM,O,N
cdtrCorpaddrCreditor Company AddressOM,O,N
cdtrAddrCreditor AddressNM,O,N
bankAddrCreditor Bank AddressNM,O,N
crdtrNationIdCreditor National IdNM,O,N
crdtrNationCreditor NationalityNM,O,N
crdtrPassnumCreditor Passport NumberNM,O,N
ppcStatusPayment purpose code is requiredNM,O,N
Corproate Registration NumberMM,O,N
Creditor Tax CodeOM,O,N
Creditor Telephone NumberOM,O,N
statusrequirements status “CAUTION”,
commentrequiremetns error “No country service config found (35sy)”
companyIdapply financial company id “COMOIUVNOR”,
groupIdapply financial group id “”,
errorCommentError text type “E”,
pagepage returned “0”,
pageSizenumber of entries per page “20”,
pageTotalnumber of  pages “0”,
strictstrcit flag applied “N”,
refreference null,
extendedTokenextended token for payment revalidation “Wby7mSMjXBou24GmSRVErkw2wKXYp99M26kwQJlvU4VD9BNK8EHVipqC9Cg31NipUlgxKZ7NLNiiiszD6mt3UEWQIubZH8VEvfWG”,
freeTokenfree token to get additional details with “9d3F9GRxiiUkFPEii0mPo10s2hB0PjJaispCxrFXcTu8hRSZfUjITUbVQieie”