Section 1 – Validation and Search


This series of calls will allow you to validate and entity and its account information or search for an entity by name.  They are the root call that people usually start with as you can Validate data and access additional data for the bank branch from these calls at no additional charge.

These calls are not only designed to validate the data but also to:

  1. Advise of any changes we believe that you should make should any of the details that you provide appear to be invalid, or out of date
  2. Tell you what additional information is available for the bank branch (correspondents, payment purpose codes, holiday data, etc)
  3. Give you additional codes such as SWIFT BICs
  4. Create IBANs or other structured account numbers

When we advise you of any changes we do this through recommendation these advise you if data is not correct and what it should be corrected to and also enable you to migrate legacy accounts to the new IBAN standards as the recommendation will convert domestic account numbers into their new IBAN format should you enter data for an IBAN country.

The calls detailed are below. We recommend that you use calls 1.01 and 1.02 as these are the most up to date calls and will give you access to additional data free of charge, for example correspondents, Contact details, and payment services (e.g. payment networks, BACs, CHAPS, FEDWire etc, payment purpose codes, and holiday data)

Call 1.01– Validation

This will call will Validate the payment data you have entered and give you access to additional data for this bank free of charge. The call will also return indicators telling you if we have payment system membership details, standard settlement instructions and contact details for the branch.

In addition this call will recommend the data that you should be using including automatically creating IBAN, CLABEs or re-routing to a new code and give you the BIC.  The call has numerous other features including account padding, forcing the response to ISO formats.  
Click here for full details Full details on call 1.01

Call 1.02– Bank Lookup by Name and Address

This will allow the user to search for bank details by name. The search will allow you to enter the minimum amount of information and retrieve the bank details. Multiple results will be paginated for ease of use within a user interface.
Click here for full details Full details on call 1.02

Call 1.3– Requesting Additional Branch Information

This will allow the user to retrieve additional details for branches that they have already searched for using the free token from call 1.01 or 1.02. The call only requires the user to enter a bank token and they will get this information at no additional cost.
Click here for full details Full details on call 1.3