Validate Data Manager – Introduction

Validate Data Manager is a tool which gives all the functionality of Apply Financials Validate product and more for data which needs to be validated in bulk or checked and managed on a regular basis. Validate Data Manager is a comprehensive payment receiver or beneficiary validation tool which contains global banking data, domestic and international validation routines, and format validation.  The service not only validates the data but also highlights issues within the data and recommends fixes including automatically converting bank details to new international formats (IBAN’s for example).

Who can use it?

The service is available from our secure hosted site and is designed to meet the requirements of all companies who are making payments from banks and NBFIs through to corporates and FX institutions.

Why do I need it?

Check and Fix allows you to keep your payment beneficiaries always correct using the most up to date validation rules, routines and data which is maintained and updated daily by our global support team.  For the data we only use authoritative sources so as to give the most accurate and up to date data to you.

What does it do for you?

Validate Data Manager allows you to perform one off or regular checks on your payment beneficiaries or to your stored payment data ensuring that any payment information is kept up to date and that payments are seamless and STP levels high. Validate Data Manager gives you the ability to validate data and to manage it on your own behalf and/or on behalf of your clients.  Checking the data on regular basis and advising where data is out of date or in the wrong format provides great customer service.

How does it work?

The service is available via a user interface and API which is integrated meaning that you can interact with the same data via the UI or via the API.  The user interface can be white labelled meaning that you can give the service to your internal or external clients without needing any development work to ensure that when payment data is submitted it’s valid.

How can I use it?

Validate Data Manager is available as both a browser interface and API, is easy to use and simple to implement.  Our users can interact with their data via their own user interface or our browser or both allowing their data to be easily uploaded corrected and out loaded into their systems ready to make their payment.