Validate User Interface – Introduction

What does it do?

Apply Financial are focussed on dramatically improving your payments process and STP whilst lowering cost of ownership for you.

It’s about much better global payment data management and functionally rich software combined to provide the answers to your needs.

Why do I need it?

We do this through Validate the best payment validation solution as our clients use us through the entire lifecycle of payments and stored payment data to blend in with their existing infrastructure and solutions and to provide checks at every step.  Validate is a flexible user interface and API solution which has enabled or clients to make Straight through processing improvements of over 25%.

What does it contain?

Our solutions will give you the same answer however you access them and give easy access to the data including the following datasets:

  • Global National Clearing Codes
  • Standard Settlement Instructions
  • Domestic and International Modulus routines
  • Holiday Data
  • Additional Payment Requirements such as payment purpose codes
  • Intelligence which understands the clients input, simplifying implementation and usage for the users.

Where can I use it?

Our clients implement our solutions throughout the payment lifecycle to cleanse and enrich data throughout the process.  This includes;

Customer touch points

Portals, branches, ERP and Payment systems.

Middle Office

To automatically validate, route and enrich payments reducing manual intervention and speeding the processing of payment through their institution.

Back Office and Payments Networks

As a final check to make sure they catch issues to ensure that the payment reaches its destination on time and without additional repair charges.

Payment Investigations and Repairs

Our solutions can also check erroneous returned payments. It can also check inbound payments.  These can then be repaired without further delays.