FAQ – Bank Search

I can’t find the bank I’m searching for. What do I do?

If you are having difficulty looking for the bank through a long list of results, try refining your search. You can narrow down your search using the field in the top right of the search results, this will restrict the results across all fields.

Why do I get a single result when I enter an 8 character BIC?

You will get a single result as we automatically retrieve the head office branch when you enter an 8 digit BIC. We do this by padding the BIC8 to a BIC11 by adding XXX as the last 3 digits.

How do I find the “Standard Settlement Instruction or Correspondents” for a bank?

When entering your search details, make sure that the Currency field is filled out. This is completed with the ISO three digit currency code or by selecting the currency you require from the drop down list.

Why is the “Beneficiary Correspondent” field empty?

Users get this message if there is no correspondent (also known as Standard Settlement Instruction or SSI) record that corresponds to the currency or bank you are searching for. Otherwise, you may not have filled out the Currency field before submitting your search.

Before submitting your search, make sure that the Currency field is filled out.

I’ve already entered my search criteria, why do I still get the message, “Please provide search information”?

This message appears if you do not enter any information in the search fields. Make sure that you fill out the fields with the information you have on the bank you are searching for.

How do I validate an IBAN?

To validate an IBAN, select the country the IBAN is for (you can simply find this from the first 2 letters of the IBAN). The enter the IBAN into the account number field and press search.

How can I generate an IBAN?

If you enter domestic details for an IBAN country then we will automatically create an IBAN for you. Look in the recommendation field to see what your IBAN should look be from the entered details.

I get an error message every time I enter an IBAN. What do I do?

Validate checks the IBAN structure against the format specified by each country. It displays an error that corresponds to the invalid part of the IBAN, such as the country code or account number. Our errors are split into 2 sections the first part is the status this will tell you if we believe its a PASS, CAUTION or a FAIL. The second part tells you where to look for the problem, it will tell you where to look and then what we believe the problem is for example we will give the error FAIL: Check Account Number – Account Number too short. This tell you to check the account number length.